AWS Developer

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The AWS Developer – validates technical expertise in developing and maintaining applications on the AWS platform. It Includes the following concept :

  • Picking the right AWS services for the application
  • Leveraging AWS SDKs to interact with AWS services from your application
  • Writing code that optimizes performance of AWS services used by your application
  • Code-level application security (IAM roles, credentials, encryption, etc

Duration : 40 Hrs.

Schedule : Weekends and Weekdays

Hands On/Lab Exercise :

1.Creation of Free Tier AWS Account for Exercise
2.Demonstration of AWS Global Infrastructure which includes Region, Availability Zone and Edge Location.
3.Real Time Demonstration of AWS Services which includes Compute, Storage, Networking, Databases, Analytics etc.
4.Identity and Access Management : Users, Groups, Roles etc.
5. AWS Object Storage S3 : Create,Upload and Delete – Object into bucket.
6. Introduction to DynamoDB and Creating DynamoDB table. and Index and other important concept.

7.Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud : Build EC2 Instance in Linux and Windows Environment.
8.Management of VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) in Public and Private Cloud
9.Build Public and Private Cloud from Memory using CIDR Block.
10.Launching an RDS Instance.
11.Creation and Management of RDS – Backup, Read-Replica, Multi-AZ support.

12. Demonstration of Elasticbeanstalk.

13, Demostration of SQS,SNS and SWF.

14.Setting Up Cloud Formation.

The Overall Course are defined in four  domain as per the AWS Framework with reference to AWS Developer-Associate Examination as given below :

1 Domain 1.0: AWS Fundamentals
1.1 Identify and recognize cloud architecture considerations, such as fundamental components and effective
Content may include the following:
• How to design cloud services
• Database concepts
• Planning and design
• Familiarity with architectural trade-off decisions (high availability vs. cost, Amazon Relational
Database Service (RDS) vs. installing your own database on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2))
• Amazon S3, Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF), and Messaging
• DynamoDB, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS CloudFormation
• Elasticity and scalability
2 Domain 2.0: Designing and Developing
2.1 Identify the appropriate techniques to code a cloud solution.
Content may include the following:
• Configure an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
• Programming with AWS APIs
3 Domain 3.0: Deployment and Security
3.1 Recognize and implement secure procedures for optimum cloud deployment and maintenance.
Content may include the following:
• Cloud Security Best Practices
3.2 Demonstrate ability to implement the right architecture for development, testing, and staging
Content may include the following:
• Shared Security Responsibility Model
• AWS Platform Compliance
• AWS security attributes (customer workloads down to physical layer)
• Security Services
• AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
• Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
• CIA and AAA models, ingress vs. egress filtering, and which AWS services and features fit
4 Domain 4.0: Debugging
Content may include the following:
• General troubleshooting information and questions
• Best Practices in debugging


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