Techpro Consulting is an international management consulting firm that advises clients across the world on strategy, business transformation and innovation, deliver integrated; end-to-end IT and management consulting solutions and services to help your business transform in a right way. We leverage industry knowledge to develop world class, custom solutions that make your business more efficient, agile and responsive to customer needs and market demands.

We help our clients create value and architect change through our unique spectrum of management consulting services. To learn more about our consulting experience please click on the capability area you are interested.

We track and measure your results and work with you in understanding and improving on clients expectations. Thus, helping them raise revenues, efficiency while lowering the costs.

Consulting arm of Techpro is is as equipped if not better than the training arm. This will ensure the sustainability by virtue of which global organizations of all sizes will never fail to keep pace with the market. We offer consulting in the areas of Program/project management, , service management, Six Sigma and Lean Methodology, risk management etc.

We particularly specialize in the enabling the organizations to adopt the ITIL framework to manage their IT departments and Businesses. ITIL is a comprehensive framework for IT Service Management and is applicable to all organizations irrespective of the size, technology or business vertical they operate in. ITSM helps achieve IT governance, aligning IT strategy with business strategy, facilitating effective customer outcomes. Techpro offers end-to-end consulting services in the following areas:

1.    Governance Model Based On Different Best Practices: Any implementation project must incorporate governance and best practices. They are based on Best Practice Pyramid and having different components as given below:

Foundation Stone: It is basically consists of fundamental rule that we have to adhere to form the basis of ITIL project.
Service Management Layer: ITIL and business process model: On top of the foundation stone we can put ITIL and the business process model
Control Layer – COBIT: ITIL provides great guidance for building operation process and procedures, but it does not offer much advice on managing quality and accuracy. In simple terms, COBIT is a practice that applies checks and balances to IT and in particular, service management processes.
Process Engineering Layer – Six Sigma: ITIL can help us to make sure that our process will both accurate and of a high quality but how we will develop quality processes? Six Sigma (DFSS) is an appropriate IT process building methodology with the fundamental objectives of reducing errors.
Process Maturity Layer – CMMI, PMF: Once built, we need to know that our process are working and maturing successfully, this requires another layer in the structure. CMMI takes an existing process to another level by establishing target levels of maturity.
Overall objective – ISO/IEC 20000: CMMI could be the final building block in our pyramid, but what is our mission and ultimate deliverable: ISO/IEC 20000 might be the answer.

The ITIL is framework not a methodology and can be tailored as per organization need or requirements. The Key steps to implement ITIL Life Cycle are as given below:

1.   Process Design : Understanding how to design a Process for ITIL
2.   Monitoring ITIL Processes : ITIL process Putting in place measurement
3.   Building ITIL Processes : How to build ITIL processes
4.   Categorizing ITIL V3 components : Allocating categories – Action, Influencing, Resourcing and Underpinning
5.   The Filtering Process : How to remove unwanted Components from ITIL
6.   ITIL Templates Creation : Selecting and building an ITIL Template
7.   Component Maturity : Allocating Maturity Levels to ITIL Components
8.   Component Priorities : Deciding in which order to implement the ITIL Components
9.   Gap Analysis : Identify the workload and expenditure to implement the Components
10.   Master Action Plan : Management of the Action Plan activities required to implement ITIL Process

In essence, the consultants of techpro technologies will provide full development and implementation support in followings area related to above mentioned different governance model.

        A) Development of Organization governance model including Balance Score Card ,Service Delivery Report, Defect Prevention process(DPP) and KPI etc.

        B) End to End ITIL Implementation based out below given approaches :

Bare Necessities: IM+CM+PM+Asset and Configuration Mgmt+Service Desk
Service Support: IM+PM+CM+Release Mgmt+Config Mgmt+Service Desk
Service Delivery: Finance Mgmt+SL Mgmt+Capacity Mgmt+ Availability Mgmt+Continuiity Mgmt.
Life Cycle Approach
ITIL V2 Plus Approach
ITIL V3 Approach
ITIL V2011 Approach

        C) Security Control Layer Implementation based out COBIT Framework

        D) Process Maturity Layer Implementation based out on CMMi Model.

        E) Six Sigma process reengineering layer implementation based out on DMAIC methodology for defect reductions in day to day operations.

2.    Lean Based Shared Delivery Framework : Define, Develop and Implement delivery practices based on our Lean principles that enables consistent global delivery excellence having seven wastes and corresponding levers.

Be the best relative to global in sources and competitors
Leverage our global footprint, skills, and technology
Aggressively drive quality and productivity
Implement across all competencies and geographies
Build organizational capabilities to sustain improvements
Establish a continual improvement infrastructure

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Project Management consulting

Project Management consulting is when an independent contractor with experience in Project Management is hired to perform a specific project. This contractor often holds Project Management (PM) designations that provide assurances with the level of education and experience at an appropriate level.

Techpro Consulting services can help your organization to:

1. Objectively assess your current processes against industry-recognized best practices.

2. Identify gaps in your Project Management practices.

3. Focus on the improvement opportunities to drive your business performance results.

ISO Standards Implementation

Success of any ISO certification project depends on effectiveness of the implementation process.

The implementation process.

1. Teams determine new processes to meet the standard.
2. A Steering Team, composed of key members of the point teams, will meet to coordinate efforts of the point teams.
3. Point Teams work on designated point(s) of the ISO standard.
4. The teams document the new process, and develop required records, forms, and work instructions.
5. The teams train staff members on how the new process works.
6. When the new processes are complete, Internal Audits and Management Review meetings begin.
7. The system is used for 3 to 6 months before your registration audit.
8. At least one cycle of internal audits and management reviews are completed.

Techpro being one of the preferred ISO consulting organizations with clients globally proven and internally accepted ISO implementation program.

Risk Management consulting

Strategic Risk Consulting:


Risk Management Optimization, Risk Identification and assessment, Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Management Outsourcing, and Project Management Risk.

Business Analysis Consulting

A successful Business Analysis and requirement management is critical step supporting the success of Projects.

Techpro provides consulting and training in Business Analysis. We specialize in requirements elicitation, project support, software evaluation and requirements training.

Consultant - Recruitment services

We are a prominent executive search & selection company, providing a wide range of recruitment solutions for various requirements, majorly concentrating on IT and Project Management roles.

We, the Techpro are a team of dedicated professionals offering services across Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and American Markets.

Recruitment services that we offer include Leadership Search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Turnkey solutions, Consultants on Hire and Events.

Marketing consulting services

Marketing can be a complicated and expensive venture, especially when it comes to media buying and online marketing or advertising.

The first step is to analyze your current placement as well as to define your objectives. Who is your target audience? What are they looking for? What are their need habits? What is your “UNIQUE SELLING POINT”?

Expertise and efficiency make all the difference in a projects success. We strive to become part of your team to help you create your project with maximum impact.

Techpro offers full interactive marketing services furnishing a wide array of integrated marketing services to meet all your business, marketing and sales needs through our in-house staff members.

Learning & Development

We help our clients develop their workforce with our comprehensive talent management delivery model that provides an integrated approach to managing performance and delivering effective training. Our model includes implementing and supporting best-in-breed technology systems and the following administrative services:

Learning and development : Learning paths and certificates, course catalog administration, event scheduling and logistics, evaluation and assessments, accounting and content development and sourcing.

Performance management : Planning and evaluation support, feedback collection, and individual profile maintenance. Techpro offers learning and development services in many areas majorly concentrating on Project Management, Supply chain Management, Information technology, Risk Management, Business analysis , Sales and Marketing and so on.

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